Oxford shoes and boots for military schools and institutions.

Our Team


Vidhya Iyer - Designer/Owner 

Vidhya is the owner and designer of Bootmakers. Unable to find the right riding boots for her young family, Vidhya found a cobbler willing to make the boots to fit their little feet. Her friends requested that she make boots for them and soon Bootmakers was launched.

We offer a variety of styles for the discerning customer, whether you’re a retired dancer who understands the importance of a good fit and sole, an equestrian who seeks out a boot that enhances the riding experience, or an ambitious go-getter who wants and demands high quality.

Vidhya is a constant learner and is a MBA candidate at Purdue University's Krannert School of Business.

SGM(R) Jason McCormick Brand Ambassador and Sales

Sergeants Major (R) Jason McCormick - Brand Ambassador

SMG(R) Jason McCormick comes with valuable leadership experience of serving 21 years (19D/Z), with some of the most historic units in the Army, including the 82nd Airborne, 3rd Infantry Division, and 10th Mountain. He has deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, a total of 61 months. He leads the Bootmakers institutional sales team along with Vidhya Iyer. He keeps the Bootmakers sales team focused and offers valuable perspectives and insights about working with the institutional customers. 

He is an MBA candidate along with Vidhya Iyer at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management.

Katelyn Milligan - Social Media Manager


Katelyn Milligan - Marketing Assistant

Katelyn Milligan contributes to Bootmakers as the marketing and social media assistant. Katelyn graduated from Purdue University where she was involved in the Purdue Student Union Board. She has experience in non-profit, entertainment, and travel digital marketing.

Varun Tiwari - Process Inspector

Varun is a veteran in the footwear and leather industry. He has extensive knowledge of the footwear manufacturing process and his keen eye is able to pinpoint issues during manufacturing and suggest solutions to rectify them. We are excited to have this 15 year veteran on our team to make sure we supply defect - free products to our customers.